Sailing school adult courses

  • Friday, Mar 13, 2020

The Sudbury Yacht Club’ Sailing School offers hand's on sailing lessons for both youth and adults. Programs meet the CANSAIL national teaching standards. Learning to sail at the Sudbury Yacht Club prepares you to sail anywhere in the world.

Adult program

Sudbury Adult Sailing classes

Adults have time constraints and the Sailing School can catter to those needs by delivering the CANSAIL programs during evenings or over a two week ends.

Adults also learn differently, the SYC experienced team of trainers can answer all your questions.

We consider adults to be 16+ (12+ if accompanied by another 18+ aged adult taking the same course).

2020 Adult Course Schedule

Adult classes cost $290

We request that you be on the SYC property (parking is available at no cost) 10 minutes prior to the start of courses.

Option 1: 6 week nights

Lessons are given Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 18:00 to 20:30. Each session runs for two consecutive weeks.

DatesSession registration
june 20 - july 10register for session A1
july 13 - july 24register for session A2
july 27 - august 7register for session A3
august 10 - august 21register for session A4

Option 2 - Weekends

Lessons are given Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 16:30.

DatesSession registration
July 4 and 5register for session W1
July 11 and 12register for session W2
July 18 and 19register for session W3
July 25 and 26register for session W4
August 1 and 2register for session W5
August 8 and 9register for session W6
August 15 and 16register for session W7
August 22 and 23register for session W8

More information

If you cannot make it to your lesson or require rescheduling - please email your instructor as soon as possible.

More information is provided in this handy Adults’ guide to Sailing lessons

We ask that you review this information and sign the release forms included in the document prior to your first course.

Our Values

The SYC Sailing School is a member and promotes the values of True Sport

  • RESPECT of others, procedures, rules and our equipment; be a good sport!
  • SAFETY in all what we do;
  • TEAM WORK because it is a lot more fun!
  • INCLUSIVENESS because each person has unique abilities, and everyone can learn.

Our Priorities

  • To be SAFE
  • To have FUN
  • To develop SKILLS

Our Instructors

Safety comes first when on the water which is why all Sailing School instructors are CANSAIL certified. Sudbury Sailing Instructors

The instructors will also, once you've completed a course, register you in the CANSAIL national database. This will allow you to demonstrate your sailing certification at any other participating Sailing School/Club.

Course pre-requisites

  • Students must know how to swim and be comfortable in the water;
  • Students must have a Ministry of Transportation or Canadian Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PDF)/life jacket that fits properly;
  • Students should bring to class every day appropriate: swim-wear, towels, waterproof sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and closed-toed shoes that can get wet;
    • A refillable water bottle;
    • A long sleeve shirt (synthetic) is recommended to protect from the sun;
    • Have at least one complete change of dry clothes;
    • Dress for the forecasted weather (but try to avoid anything cotton): jacket, rainwear, windproof jacket;
  • Students are required to bring their own peanut free lunches; Food is not available on the property.

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